Principles of management

Metinvest develops its corporate governance system in accordance with international best practices. The Group strives to maintain the highest levels of corporate governance and transparency throughout all of its activities and communications.

  • Specialization

    We do what we can do better than others - we are focused on strategic management of mining and metal businesses. This increases efficiency and enhances value for our shareholders and attractiveness for investors.
  • Vertical integration

    We control all elements of the mining and metal production cycle from coal and ore production, to sales of ready-made products to our customers globally. This gives us greater control over our business and enhances stability as it reduces the impact of market changes.
  • Unified sterategic management

    We perform unified and consistent strategic planning and management across all our assets. This allows Metinvest to benefit from business synergies and enhance our shareholders' value.
  • Centralization

    We have a centralized management system for our assets grouped into three divisions. This ensures optimization of management costs, unifies business processes and technologies, and enhances efficiency of the business.
  • Growth and investments

    We believe in making continued investment into developing and growing our business. This commitment to consistent investment ensures our ability to compete and prosper in international markets.
  • Best global practices introduction

    We study international best practices in business and in the steel and mining sector and then carefully choose the most effective management, production, and information technologies for our business. This helps us achieve the maximum return on investment and compete and win on the international stage.
  • Composition of traditions and innovations

    We keep the best of traditions of steelmaking craft and professionalism enriching them with modern knowledge and technologies.
  • Commitment to leadership

    Our goal is to achieve the leading positions in all fields of our operation. We encourage our employees to develop leadership skills and give them opportunities to use their skills and talents to the fullest. This ensures a stable rate of growth and change in our business.
  • Personal attitude to business

    Our corporate culture is based upon personal and not indifferent attitude and commitment to common business.