Characteristics of steel grade 10ps

Steel grade 10ps is a quality structural carbon steel produced with a chemical composition according to DSTU 7809/ GOST 1050.

Classification: Quality structural carbon steel.

Products: Steel plates and sheets, including shapes, forged goods and semi-finished products.


Chemical composition of steel grade 10ps based on ladle analysis, %

С Si Mn Ni S P Cr Cu
0,07 - 0,14     


0,32 - 0,40







Mechanical properties of steel grade 10ps according to DSTU 2834/ GOST 16523

Strength class Tensile strength, N/mm2 Elongation, % (min)
Hot rolled steel Cold rolled steel
up to 2 mm inclusive Over 2 mm up to 2 mm inclusive Over 2 mm
К270В 270-410 24 26 25 28


Equivalents of steel grade 10ps

USA 1010, 1110, G10100, G10120




Steel grade 10ps is used to manufacture parts that are operated at temperatures up to 450 °С - eyelets, screws, washers and other parts that need to have high ductility.



No welding restrictions except for thermochemically treated parts. Welding methods: manual metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, electric resistance welding.  

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