December 13, 2017

Metinvest is the first in Ukraine to obtain the SAP Advanced Customer Centre of Excellence Certificate

In early December, Metinvest Group successfully passed the international audit of its IT processes and was awarded the SAP Advanced Customer Centre of Excellence Certificate. The Company became the first in Ukraine, the fourth in the CIS and was ranked top 50 world companies to have obtained such certificate.

The certificate proves the high quality services rendered by the Centre of Excellence, the adherence to the best available practices and standards in terms of IT system build-up in the company.

The Centre of Excellence includes IT solutions to improve the business process efficiency and transparency, the IT systems and to promptly respond to dynamic business requirements.

Such management system provides regular and high quality operations, reduces costs for IT system maintenance and development. The Centre of Excellence makes it possible to implement innovations faster, maintaining the quality of business support. 

Sergey Detyuk, Chief Information Officer of Metinvest Group,

"The world of information technologies changes very fast. The IT is expected not only to ease work conditions and support processes but make significant contribution to the business value creation chain. Even just for retaining our positions on the market, we should go ahead. The certification from the global software supplier proved we moved in the right direction." 

Mike Putzmann, Global Customer COE Program Owner, SAP SE,

"The Advanced Centre of Excellence combines people, tools and processes. It is based on 40 years of experience in SAP support. It usually takes from 18 to 24 months to prepare for the Advanced Certification. I was impressed that it took only 12 months for Metinvest to deliver it with just a small team. Metinvest is our first customer in Ukraine who has obtained the Advanced Certificate." 

Metinvest is the largest SAP customer in Ukraine since 2012. The Group uses around 20 SAP systems to computerize business processes almost in all business areas of the company. In 2014, Metinvest was awarded the SAP Primary Customer Centre of Excellence Certificate. 

The SAP-based asset management automation program has been implemented for more than four years. The shared information system covers six enterprises, namely Ilyich Steel, Northern GOK, Inguletsk GOK, Central GOK, Avdiivka Coke, Metinvest SMC, and Metinvest Holding.

The implementation of SAP shared system helps efficiently manage the entire business of the company in line with the best available practices. It helps improve the quality of operations, maintenance, sales, logistics, finance, procurement, human resources, payroll, and risk management.

In 2017, the company started to move from its data repositories to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) based on the HANA innovative platform. The technology helps improve the big data processing time and the reliability of IT services.

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