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Characteristics of steel grade 08

Steel grade 08 is a high-quality structural carbon steel, the chemical composition of which meets the requirements of DSTU 7809 and GOST 1050 standards.

Classification: High-quality structural carbon steel.

Products: Steel plates, sheets and coils, semi-finished products, rolled sections including shapes.


Chemical composition of steel grade 08 (ladle analysis) according to GOST 7809, %

С Si Mn S P Cr Ni Cu As
0,05 - 0,12     0,17 - 0,37 0,35 - 0,65 ≤ 0,040 ≤ 0,035   ≤ 0,1   ≤ 0,30 ≤ 0,20 ≤ 0,08


Mechanical properties of steel 08 after normalization according to DSTU 7809

Yield strength, σt, N/mm2 (min) Tensile strength, σv, N/mm2 (min) Elongation δ5, %, (min) Reduction of area ψ, %, (min)
196 320 33 60



USA 1008, 1010, 1011, G10080, G10100, M1010
Japan S10C, S9CK, SPHE, SWR1
European Union 2C10, C10E, DD13
China 08, 08F, 10
Sweden 1146, 1265
Australia 1010, A1010, CA1010, HA1010
Switzerland Ck10
South Korea SM10C, SM9CK



Steel grade 08 is actively used in the production of parts that are required to have high ductility: pipes, washers, gaskets and other parts operating in the temperature range from -40 to 450°C.



Steel grade 08 has no welding restrictions. The main methods of welding: automatic arc welding, resistance welding, manual arc welding.

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