November 05, 2019
Metinvest Group launches 1700 Mill (1700 HSM) in Mariupol at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works (Ilyich Steel) following its reconstruction. The launch event was attended by representatives of the countries consuming hot rolled coils. Virtually the whole mill was upgraded in the course of the revamp: equipment and technology were supplied by Primetals Technologies Austria. Metinvest Group invested USD 110 million in the project.

A large-scale revamp of 1700 HSM began in 2017 and had several phases. In the first phase, reheat furnace No. 1 was commissioned and a heavy-duty coiler was installed. In the second phase, an intermediate coiler (coilbox) was installed along with hydraulic descalers, a reversing roughing mill, and other process equipment. The finishing mill stands were also reinforced and modernized.

Стан 1700

The new reversing mill with equipment for vertical breakdown of slabs is equipped with an automated control system, which allows to produce quality feedstock for the finishing mill. The coilbox installed after the roughing mill provides for intermediate coiling of long workpieces during the production of heavy coils.

Due to the revamp of 1700 HSM, Ilyich Steel expanded its production capabilities, where the 250 mm slabs produced by new Continuous Caster No. 4 will be rolled to the specific size range, and the coil weight will be increased to 30 t.

Yuriy Ryzhenkov, CEO of Metinvest Group:

“For us, the revamp of 1700 HSM at Ilyich Steel means expanded product range, quality products and comfort for customers. It is another step of the Company into the future. Customers are important for us. We modernize in order to achieve consistently high quality. We pursue individual approach by providing the highest service level to our customers.”

Taras Shevchenko, General Director of Ilyich I&SW: 

“Production of thin gauge material on 1700 HSM opens up new opportunities for extending the range of cold rolled products and increase galvanized steel sheet and coil output. Now we are able to triple coil weight compared to what we produced before the revamp. The heavier the coil, the less intermediate operations the customer has to perform. This saves time, costs, and means new orders for us.”

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