May 17, 2023

Metinvest presents Steel Dream, a project to rebuild Ukraine

Metinvest-SMC, Metinvest Group’s sales company, presented the Steel Dream concept for rebuilding the country at the “Rebuilding Ukraine: A Strategy for Change for Architects, Developers and Builders” architectural and construction business forum on May 11 in Kyiv.

The forum, sponsored by Metinvest as a general partner, was dedicated to tools and strategies for the post-war reconstruction of infrastructure and housing destroyed by the war. The forum brought together more than 4,000 people. Representatives of government, business, and other experts discussed urban planning policy, investment in construction, and public and private initiatives that can accelerate the reconstruction at three panels during the event.

One such project is Steel Dream. This is a concept for rebuilding the country that includes a set of ready-made solutions for housing and social infrastructure that can be adapted to the needs of specific communities.

”Metinvest is ready to participate in Ukraine's recovery. The Group will not only supply steel for construction but will also use its experience and expertise to make the reconstruction process more efficient, faster and easier. As a big business, we have taken on the responsibility to develop a general concept for rebuilding the country. I hope it will become an impetus to turn dreams into action," said Yuriy Ryzhenkov, CEO of Metinvest Group.

Experts from Metinvest-SMC have developed designs for 13 types of steel buildings, each of which can be made into several versions to suit different conditions and circumstances. These include residential buildings (1-8-storey houses, a hostel, and a hotel), social infrastructure (a school, a kindergarten, and an outpatient clinic), and infrastructure facilities (a car park, a sports complex, and an underground shelter). In total, the concept includes more than 200 ready-made building projects based on three steel prefabricated solutions: frame, module and platform.

These solutions are characterised by inclusiveness, environmental friendliness, and speed of construction. For example, a one-storey building can be built in two months, an eight-storey building in nine months, and a kindergarten in half the time it usually takes. The projects also include the full package of paperwork, including estimates, construction schedules, planning, and technical solutions.

“We have developed a city concept that will help communities affected by the war. The community can choose our design for a house, school, etc., adapt it to their needs, attract state or international funds, and start construction immediately. These are comprehensive solutions that can be used by everyone. We promote the principle of 'building Ukrainian', so we have brought various domestic manufacturers together with the project," said Igor Tonev, CEO of Metinvest-SMC.

The company has engaged architects, planners, and designers to work on the concept. More than 15 steel construction plants and building materials manufacturers are ready to participate in the project. The Steel Dream is to be presented to local authorities in the affected regions, and after discussion and adaptation to specific conditions, it will be handed over to the communities.

To learn more about the concept and arrange a consultation, please follow this link.

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