June 17, 2022
Metinvest Group will help employees of Ilyich Steel, Azovstal, Mariupol Machining and Repair Plant, Metinvest-Promservice and its other entities in Mariupol to learn new professions and find jobs.

As a result of the Russian Army’s invasion, Metinvest cannot resume operations at its enterprises in Mariupol until the city has been brought back under Ukrainian control.

Since the start of the war, Metinvest has made every effort to retain the workforce of its Mariupol plants by making extensive efforts to help employees find jobs at its operating enterprises and at companies run by local municipalities. The Group continues to pay two-thirds salary to Mariupol employees who have been evacuated to Ukrainian-controlled territory and who have registered with Metinvest career centres in order to find jobs at Group enterprises in other cities.

On June 16, the Group decided to terminate the employment of Mariupol workers who have not been employed with any of the Metinvest operating companies and are, therefore, unable to perform their duties.

In order to retain the highly professional Mariupol team, the Group will help every employee who has left or intends to leave Mariupol to learn new skills and find a job at a Metinvest enterprise in Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih, Pokrovsk or Kamianske. Metinvest Polytechnic university will arrange training courses for the most in-demand skills.

Employees willing to take training courses or become employed with Metinvest Group enterprises will receive substantial financial support from the Group through various forms of compensation, social benefits, humanitarian aid and a guaranteed salary.

  • The Group is prepaying the expenses for moving to the city where the studies will take place or to a new place of work or reimburses the costs for up to six months of rent.
  • A relocation allowance and fixed salary are paid for each month of study.
  • Once a new job is found at a Metinvest enterprise, the employee is given a monthly salary depending on their profession and in accordance with the staffing schedule and current remuneration and bonus regulations of the relevant enterprise.
  • Employees can get food kits from the Group for their families, support in finding housing through the “Housing for Our Employees” corporate programme or temporary accommodation at one of the Group's social facilities, assistance in enrolling children in nursery school or school, admission to Metinvest Polytechnic university, or medical and psychological assistance.

The addition of employees from Mariupol to the Group’s workforce at other enterprises represents a significant contribution by Metinvest to supporting the Ukrainian economy by increasing production levels at the enterprises and reducing unemployment in the country. This decision will help retain the pool of skilled employees who will be able, In the future, to restore and restart operations in a liberated Mariupol. 

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