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Characteristics of steel grade St4sp

Steel grade St4sp is a structural carbon steel of ordinary quality, the chemical composition of which meets the requirements of GOST 380 and DSTU 2651.

Classification: Structural steel for weld-fabricated constructions.

Products: Plate and wide-strip products, forgings, pipes, rolled sections including shapes.


Chemical composition of St4sp steel based on ladle analysis, %

С Si Mn S P
0,18 - 0,27 0,15 - 0,30 0,40 - 0,70 ≤ 0,050 ≤ 0,040


Mechanical properties of steel St4sp

Standard Tensile strength, N/mm2 Yield strength, N/mm2 (min), for thicknesses, mm Elongation, % (min), for thicknesses, mm
Up to 20 20-40 40-100 Over 100 Up to 20 20-40 Over 40
GOST 14637, DSTU 8803 410-530 265 255 245 235 24 23 21



USA A570(40), A573 Gr.70, A611 Gr.D
European Union  S275JR, S275J0,
China Q255
Sweden 1411, 1412, 1414
Bulgaria BSt4sp, WSt4sp



Steel grade St4sp is widely used in the production of steel building structures and machine parts of medium strength.



Welding of steel grade St4sp is carried out without restrictions. For thicknesses over 40 mm, it is recommended to use heating and subsequent thermal treatment. The main methods of welding: automatic submerged arc welding, shielded welding, and manual arc welding.  

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