Characteristics of steel grade St1ps

Steel grade St1ps is a structural carbon steel of standard quality as per DSTU 2651 and GOST 380.

Classification: Standard quality structural carbon steel.

Products: Steel plates, wide strip, forgings, tubes, rolled sections including shapes and parts with low hardness and high ductility.


Chemical composition of steel St1ps based on ladle analysis, %

С Si Mn S P
0,06 - 0,12      0,05 - 0,15 0,25 - 0,5   ≤0,05 ≤0,04


Mechanical properties of steel grade St1ps

  Product range Tensile strength, MPa Yield strength, MPa Elongation, % Reduction of area, %%
Rolled steel as per GOST 535-2005 315-410          175-205 31-34 -
Wire rod as per GOST 30136-95 420-470 - -  66-68 


Equivalents of steel gradeSt1ps

USA A283A, A283B
European Union 1.0035,S185
China Q195



Steel grade St1ps is used to make non-critical parts with high ductility and low hardness like rivets, boiler stays, non-critical fittings, anchor bolts, etc.



No welding restrictions.

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