Characteristics of steel grade St0

Steel grade St0 – carbon steel of ordinary quality, in terms of chemical composition, meets the requirements of DSTU 2651 and GOST 380 standards.

Classification: carbon steel of ordinary quality.

Products: rolled steel, including shaped, thick plate, thin plate, tape, strip, wire, pipes, ingots and semi-finished products, metal products.  


Chemical composition of steel St0 by ladle sample analysis according to the requirements of DSTU 2651, %

≤0,23 ≤0,06 ≤0,07


Mechanical properties of hot-rolled and shaped sections from St0 steel according to GOST 535/DSTU 4484

Thickness, mm Tensile strength, N/mm2 (min) Yield strength, N/mm2 (min) Elongation δ5, %
≤ 40 ≥ 300 not applicable ≥ 18
˃ 40 ≥ 300 not applicable ≥ 15


Analogues of steel St0

European Union  S185, Е185, Е235-В
China Q195, Q195-b, Q195-F, Q195-Z
Sweden 1300



Low-duty parts of increased ductility, low-loaded elements of welded structures operating at light intensity and positive temperatures.



Steel St0 can be welded without restrictions.

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