Characteristics of steel grade S440

Steel grade S440 for building structures meets the requirements of DSTU 8539 and GOST 27772.

Classification: steel for building structures.

Products: hot-rolled steel, wide-strip universal, shaped steel, roll-formed sections.


Chemical composition of steel S440 by ladle sample analysis according to GOST 27772, %

C Si Mn Ni S P Cr V N Cu Al Ti
≤0,12 0,15-0,35 1,30 - 1,70 ≤0,30 ≤0,010 ≤0,017 ≤0,30 ≤0,09 ≤0,012 ≤0,30 0,02-0,06 0,010-0,035


Mechanical properties of sheet and wide-strip products from steel S440

Thickness, mm Yield strength, N/mm2 (min) Tensile strength, N/mm2 (min) Elongation δ5, %
From 8,0 to 50 including 440 540 20


Analogues to steel S440

European Union S460N, S460M



Steel grade S440 is used for the manufacture of hot-rolled, shaped, sheet, wide-strip universal rolled steel and roll-formed sections intended for building steel structures with welded and other connections.  



S440 steel can be welded without restrictions.

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