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Steel grade ASTM A36 characteristics

ASTM A36 is a structural carbon steel for construction and bridge building that meets the requirements of ASTM A36/A36M.

Classification: Structural carbon steel.

Products: flat, rolled, and structural steel.


Chemical composition of ASTM A36 steel for the production of shaped sections of all thicknesses, %

С Si Mn* S P Cu**

≤ 0.25

  ≤ 0.40     ~  

≤ 0.05

≤ 0.04   ≥ 0.20  

* manganese content is not regulated, but is indicated in the quality certificate

* minimum copper content if alloying is specified when placing an order


Mechanical properties of flat, rolled, and structural ASTM A36 steel

Yield strength, MPa (min) Tensile strength, MPa Elongation (sample 200 mm),% (min)
250 400-550 20





European Union




ASTM A36 steel is a carbon structural steel used in the manufacture of welded and bolted metal structures for industrial and civil construction and bridge building. ASTM A36 steel is also used in the manufacture of products and parts for general construction and mechanical engineering purposes.



Steel grade ASTM A36 has no welding restrictions.

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