Characteristics of steel grade 20MnCr5

Steel grade 20MnCr5 is a structural alloy steel for surface hardening produced to the requirements of ISO 683-3/ EN 10084.

Classification: Structural alloy steel.

Products: Semi-finished products, rods, wide strip, plates and forgings.


Chemical composition of steel grade 20MnCr5 (heat analysis) according to EN 10084, %

С Si Mn S P Cr
0,17-0,22  ≤0,40 1,10 - 1,40 ≤0,035 ≤0,025 1,00 - 1,30


Equivalents of steel grade 20MnCr5

USA 5120
Germany 1.7147
Japan SMnC420H
China 20CrMn
Russia 18ХГ



Steel 20MnCr5 is used to make goods, whose surface is subject to thermal or thermochemical treatment. It is suitable for transmission gears, axles, rods, shafts, pinions, friction discs and other engineering parts.



Not used for welded structures.

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