Characteristics of steel grade 15HSND

Steel grade 15HSND is a structural steel used for welded structures and produced to the requirements of GOST 19281 and DSTU 8541.

Classification: Structural low alloy steel.

Products: Rolled sections, including shapes, plates, sheets, strips, forgings and forged blanks.


Chemical composition of steel grade 15HSND based on heat analysis, %

С Si Mn Ni S P Cr N Cu
0,12 - 0,18            0,40 - 0,70 0,40 - 0,70 0,30 - 0,60  ≤0,035 ≤0,030 0,60 - 0,90 ≤0,008 0,20 - 0,40


Mechanical properties of steel grade 15HSND

Strength class

Rolled product thickness, mm Yield strength, N/mm2 (min) Tensile strength, N/mm2 (min) Elongation, %
345 ≤32 345 490 21



Steel grade 15HSND is used to make different welded steel structures and parts operated in the temperature range from —70 to 450°С and are required to have high strength and corrosion resistance.



Steel grade 15HSND has no welding restrictions.

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