October 05, 2022

UNITED24 and Metinvest create bracelets made from Azovstal steel to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Fundraising platform UNITED24 and Metinvest Group, as part of the Azovstal. A Symbol of Perseverance project, have created limited-edition bracelets using pre-war steel from the steel plant and legendary fortress in Mariupol. All the proceeds from the sale of the bracelets will go to the Army of Drones project for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

For every Ukrainian, the word ‘Azovstal’ is now more than just the name of a metallurgical plant. It has become a symbol of the courage and the invincibility of Ukraine’s defenders, who turned out to be stronger than even steel itself. Now anyone can have his or her own small piece of legendary steel from Azovstal, while also strengthening of the Ukrainian army's defensive capabilities. Metinvest's participation in "Azovstal. A Symbol of Perseverance" is part of Rinat Akhmetov's billion-dollar Steel Front initiative.

Since the start of the war, Rinat Akhmetov and Vadym Novinsky's Metinvest Group has transferred UAH 2 billion in aid to Ukraine and Ukrainians. More than 110,000 sets of body armour, tens of thousands of helmets, hundreds of thermal imaging cameras, drones, vehicles and other military equipment have been delivered to the AFU, the Ukrainian Defence Intelligence Directorate and the National Guard over the past seven months.

Why steel from Azovstal?

Each bracelet contains five grams of steel from the last batch manufactured at Azovstal before 24 February. After the beginning of the full-scale attack by the Russian Federation, Azovstal was transformed from an industrial complex into a fortress, becoming the last line of defence for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the city. The courage, bravery and undaunted spirit of the Mariupol defenders has served as an example to millions of Ukrainians: members of the armed forces, volunteers, steelmakers, doctors, entrepreneurs and all those who continue to defend the country from the aggressor in the eighth month of war.

The defence of Azovstal included the mill's plate rolling shop, where the mill 3600 had been operating for many years. Steel, from which the 10,000 iconic bracelets have been made, was produced there.

“During 89 years of the plant’s history, thousands of Mariupol residents and steelmakers have shown excellence in their work, so Azovstal's steel was known all over the world. This year, the name of the plant was on the front pages, not because of its steel, but because of its people. The people of steel. The soldiers and paramedics who held back the aggressor's attack to the very last and defended Ukrainian Mariupol within the walls of the Azovstal stronghold. They became an example for all of us. Therefore, these bracelets are not just small bars of steel, but a symbol of respect and faith in the defenders of Ukraine. Our warriors themselves are like steel, and even stronger than steel. I feel inspired that the last pre-war batch of steel from Azovstal will help the AFU,” said Yuriy Ryzhenkov, CEO of Metinvest Group.

Why is it important?

All proceeds from the sale of Azovstal steel bracelets will go to the Army of Drones project. This is a comprehensive programme bringing together fundraising platform UNITED24, the General Staff of the AFU, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, and the State Special Communications Agency, and which undertakes the systematic procurement of drones, their repair and prompt replacement, as well as providing training courses for pilots.

The design of the bracelets with an engraved Ukrainian coat of arms was developed by SOVA jewellery house. The price for each bracelet is UAH 1,500. Project partner Nova Poshta will manage the delivery of the bracelets across Ukraine. Learn more about the bracelets and order them on a special website:

A presentation of the bracelets was held on 6 October in Kyiv. A 17-metre-long sign reading “I believe in the AFU” was placed in the centre of the capital, the letters for which were also created from the same last batch of steel from Azovstal. They will be on display until 1 November, after which the steel from the letters will be sent for the production of the next batch of bracelets.

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