March 04, 2024
On 21 February, Metinvest’s Pokrovske Coal commissioned the 11th longwall for coking coal in Block 10 of Pokrovske Colliery, which will enable the Group to produce almost 1 million tonnes of coal.

Pokrovske Coal’s enterprises operating near the front line provide jobs for the Donetsk region’s residents and internally displaced persons from different parts of Ukraine, as well as develop local communities, pay taxes and support the country’s economy. As such, the launch of the new longwall is a significant event for the region and the entire country.

Commenting on the news, Andriy Akulich, CEO of Pokrovske Coal, said: “The timely preparation of the new longwall is a positive result of the long, hard work of every employee of the business. This is a significant event for the entire team and contributes to a stable, confident future for us. People will be provided with jobs and salaries, which is crucial for teams operating in frontline regions. In addition, this is a significant contribution to maintaining Ukraine’s defence capability and replenishing budgets at all levels.”

Despite challenging mining and geological conditions, longwall no. 11 is one of the most promising areas of Pokrovske Coal’s operations. The 242-metre-long face has reserves of 993 thousand tonnes of coal. The enterprise plans to produce up to 2,500 tonnes of coal a day from it. The longwall reserves are expected to last for more than a year.

Since the beginning of 2024, Metinvest’s enterprises in Ukraine have mined around 698,000 tonnes of coal, from which almost 373,000 tonnes of concentrate have been produced. By the year-end, the Group plans to mine 5.3 million tonnes of coal, produce 2.8 million tonnes of concentrate and commission two more longwall faces.

To recap, Pokrovske Coal is constructing its 11th coal mining unit, which is scheduled to be commissioned in 2025.

Pokrovske Coal is the largest coking coal producer in Ukraine. It comprises several enterprises, the main ones being Pokrovske Colliery and Sviato-Varvarynska

Beneficiation Factory. The companies extract and enrich coking coal and sell coal concentrate. They are located on the border of the Dnipro and Donetsk regions. Pokrovske Coal manages Metinvest’s Ukrainian coal assets.

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