December 28, 2022

Kamet Steel Resumes Production After Blackout

The BOF shop at Kamet Steel of Metinvest Group has resumed operations after a forced shutdown because of power supply restrictions caused by heavy enemy shelling.

The workshop team is devoted and professional. During the period of forced downtime, they restarted continuous casting machines on their own, repaired crane equipment, and audited mechanical, electrical and power equipment of both BOFs. As such, the main units were ready for launching as much as possible. 
So far, Kamet Steel has resumed the operations of BOF no. 2 and continuous casting machine no. 3. The units of the oxygen and compressor shop are also working and supplying the steelmaking process with the necessary inputs. 
So far, the power supply provided has been uninterrupted, and other production equipment will also be relaunched. By the year-end, the enterprise is planning to produce steel for manufacturing commercial rolled products. 

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