April 14, 2021
The first non-state metals and mining university in Ukraine, Metinvest Polytechnic aims to offer European-standard instruction for local specialists and create a new format for higher education in the country. The project aims to become the largest in the development of technical education in Ukraine.

It is important for the Group to maintain constructive relations with communities in all cities where it operates. As a socially responsible business that strives to develop and continue working for the benefit of Ukraine and its citizens, the Group conducted several surveys and polls among Mariupol residents to obtain their feedback regarding the proposed site of Metinvest Polytechnic. Implementing this landmark project will make the city more attractive for investment, create opportunities to retain young talent and improve living standards in the city, including in terms of sustainable development.

Construction of the university at the current site, outside City Garden, would have no impact on the area itself, but rather would mark the start of its development and reconstruction. At the same time, there are concerns in the community that the park section may suffer due to the construction of a new building on the site of the old cinema, which is no longer in use.

The Group respects the community’s opinions and understands residents’ desires to preserve City Garden’s current appearance. As such, it has decided to relocate the site of Metinvest Polytechnic’s main building and is now considering various alternative options, including in other cities where its enterprises are located.

Metinvest Polytechnic is a university of the future that will provide new opportunities for young people. Its key aim is to introduce a European-level of higher education in Ukraine and produce competitive young talent that will benefit the nation. The university will provide higher education to people who choose technical professions in demand in the labour market. The best students will be guaranteed their first job and financial and other incentives by the Group.

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