March 01, 2022

Declaration of Force Majeure for Clients and Partners

Dear Clients and Partners! We regret to inform you that, like many other Ukrainian and Ukraine-related companies, Metinvest companies are facing what we consider to be a Force Majeure situation.

The ongoing hostilities in Ukraine, military blockades of sea ports, destruction or threat to land infrastructures could impair the performance of our contractual obligations. As of 24 February 2022, 05:30 (GMT+2), martial law has been introduced all over Ukraine. In addition, the National Bank of Ukraine imposed moratorium on cross-border payments, which may also impede our contractual payments into and out of Ukraine.

Please consider the above as a declaration of Force Majeure.

The facts of Force majeure are confirmed by Letter No. 2024/02.0-7.1 of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine dated 28.02.2022.

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