June 06, 2019

Official statement of Metinvest Group

Metinvest is observing an increased activity in social media of certain public activists, who publicly declared protest activities near Metinvest offices in various cities of Ukraine. They call these activities “environmental” and are planning to time them to coincide with the date of Metinvest Group foundation on the 6th of June.

In this regard, Metinvest considers it necessary to warn all its employees, partners, investors, creditors and counterparties about possible provocations on the eve of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine scheduled for the 21st of July.

Metinvest is outside the political processes, however the Group itself, and its production enterprises may be subject to attacks by various political forces. Some of them will use the topic of protecting the environment in order to achieve their political goals and gain additional points on the eve of elections.

Metinvest Group responsibly states that it systematically fulfills all the commitments made to improve the quality of the environment in the cities of its presence – Mariupol, Zaporizhzhya and Kryvyi Rih. City environmental programs were developed with active involvement of the local communities, and are currently delivered for over 50%. Annually, the enterprises of the Group allocate over UAH 4 billion for environmental activities (UAH 7.4 billion in 2018 alone). Total investments by the Group to environmental projects in 2014-2018 comprised UAH 33.2 billion (over $1.2 billion). 

Therefore, currently, Metinvest considers all accusations towards the Group claiming the failure to deliver the environmental programs and fulfill the commitments groundless and deems them aimed at meeting political ambitions of the aimed at meeting the political ambitions of the participants in the election race in Ukraine.

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