January 23, 2019

Metinvest completes largest migration to SAP HEC cloud in Central and Eastern Europe

Metinvest Group has completed migrating its SAP system to a cloud platform, becoming the first SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (SAP HEC) user in Ukraine. The data migration has been recognised as the largest in Central and Eastern Europe: Metinvest now has 138 systems and more than 18,000 users working in the cloud.

The Group began to migrate from its own storage systems to the cloud service in 2017. SAP’s HEC technology will help to significantly reduce IT costs, increase the processing speed of large data arrays and improve the security of services. SAP’s reliable platform and applications will support Metinvest’s operations, forming the basis for future innovative projects.

The process included updating the SAP software to the latest version and migrating to the new SAP HANA database. Overall, 21 core business systems were migrated over 18 months without business interruptions (including the enterprise resource planning, transportation management, procurement, human resources, payroll, budgeting, finance and other systems).

The project was managed by a dedicated team from SAP, Metinvest as the business customer and Metinvest Digital as the centre of IT expertise.

The project team is now working to adopt a systematic approach for supporting systems hosted on the SAP HEC platform and flexible change management.

Sergey Detyuk, CIO of Metinvest Group and general director of Metinvest Digital:

- On the digital market, we are looking for opportunities that provide the best solutions for the challenges facing our business. We implement projects and create IT services that can effectively support Metinvest Group’s growth. Migrating data centres to the SAP cloud platform has made it possible to improve both the reliability and security of the platform itself, as well as to focus directly on the business logic of the processes. Implementing and adopting digital technology is a key element of business transformation. And on this path, the business’ openness to change and the ability to deploy new technology are equally important.

Maxim Matyash, director of SAP Ukraine:

- Digital transformation, flexibility and a willingness to innovate are the key benchmarks of business success today. I am convinced that migrating to SAP HEC will help Metinvest Group to grow and strengthen its industry leadership. Without a doubt, this is one of the most complex SAP cloud projects that has been implemented in Central and Eastern Europe, in terms of both its scale and objectives. It also serves as another example of successful cooperation by Metinvest, Metinvest Digital and SAP, which confirms that the synergy of leadership, innovation and highly professional teams can accomplish the most ambitious business goals.

Metinvest has been SAP’s largest client in Ukraine since 2012. The Group uses 21 SAP systems, which automate its business processes in practically all areas of its operations. In 2014, Metinvest received primary SAP customer centre of expertise certification. In 2017, it received advanced certification, making it the first company in Ukraine, the fourth company in the former Soviet Union and one of the top 50 global companies certified at this level.

In 2018, the Group created Metinvest Digital to serve as an IT centre of expertise. The same year, SAP AG rated Metinvest Group as the leading company in Ukraine in terms of IT maturity and a top 10 IT innovator in the metals industry.

SAP, a global leader on the corporate solutions market, helps companies to manage their business more effectively. More than 380,000 customers rely on SAP’s solutions and services.

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