Business ethics and compliance

Code of Ethics of the Metinvest Group

The Code of Ethics was developed and introduced in the Metinvest Group in 2013 with the aim of forming the foundation for moral and ethical rules not just to be written on paper but truly to become a guidance for the conduct of all employees of the companies that are part of the Group.

This document establishes the necessary ethical rules and standards of business conduct, which are followed by the Group's employees every day; it is the basis for making day-to-day decisions in accordance with the principles of mutual respect, dignity, equality, legality.

Prevention of corruption and bribery

Bribery and corruption are contrary to the values and principles of the Metinvest Group Code of Ethics. They are also illegal, can cause reputational damage (to an individual employee and the company as a whole), lead to negative consequences – fines and other punishments, including imprisonment.

The Metinvest Group Code of Ethics prohibits to our employees any participation in any activity resulting in improper enrichment, acquisition of improper benefits, goods and rewards.

Metinvest seeks to cooperate with counterparties and business partners whose reputation is not associated with corruption and bribery.

  • We strictly obey the requirements and principles of anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine and consider bribery or corruption in any form unacceptable
  • We do not offer and do not take bribes, do not facilitate corrupt activities
  • We do not use any means that are considered unethical, illegal or harmful to our reputation or professional activity


Trust line

To receive reports about possible violations in the field of business conduct and corporate ethics, a Trust Line has been created in Metinvest, which is a key tool for detecting and preventing such violations.

The Trust Line is independent of any possible direct control by the management and security services of Metinvest and provides an opportunity for company employees to confidentially transmit messages about violations of the Code of Ethics, cases of fraud, bribery, other violations in the field of business conduct.

To report any violation, concern, suspicion, you can call or send an e-mail to the Trust Line:

0 800 60 07 77

Calls within Ukraine are free

Human Rights Policy

Metinvest is committed to maintaining a corporate culture that respects principles aimed at promoting, protecting and supporting internationally recognised human rights

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