23 abr. 2020

Ukrainians named Metinvest the best employer in mining and metals sector

Metinvest Group is recognized as the most attractive employer in the metal processing and mining industry of Ukraine. This is evidenced by the data of the independent international study of the attractiveness of the employer brand by Randstad Employer Brand Research, Ukraine - 2020.

The Ukrainian study involved almost 8,000 Ukrainians aged 18 to 65 from different regions of the country. Both employed and job seekers took part in the survey. Respondents rated the 150 largest employers: 75 Ukrainian and 75 international companies from 13 sectors of the economy.

Companies were analysed by criteria: financial solvency, application of the most advanced technologies, good reputation, job security, career growth, social responsibility, interesting work, pleasant working atmosphere, work-life balance, attractive wages and social package.

This year's international survey involved more than 185,000 respondents from 33 countries who evaluated more than 6,000 companies. All countries in the study account for 75% of the global economy.

The annual global Randstad Employer Brand Research was presented by ANCOR and Randstad Corporation. The global survey has been carried out for 20 years, Ukraine joined it in 2019. 

Randstad Corporation is a global leader in HR solutions headquartered in the Netherlands. The company has more than 4,800 branch offices in 38 countries.

ANCOR is Randstad's strategic partner. The company specializes in recruitment, outsourcing and consulting and has more than 40 offices in nine countries, including Ukraine.

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