Our values

  • Life, Health and Environment

    Human life is our priority in striving to achieve business goals.
    • We create safe working conditions.
    • Each of us bears personal responsibility for our own life and health and the life and health of other people.
    • We strive to manufacture our products with minimum environmental impact which is our responsibility to the future generations.
    • Our use of natural resources is rational.
    • We are committed to healthy lifestyle.
  • Customer focus

    Every day, we provide the best value for our customers through cooperation by offering the best ways of meeting their needs.
    • We are open and honest with our customers.
    • We pay attention to what our customers want, foresee their future requirements and are willing to discuss these with them.
    • We will always be flexible in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers.
    • We continuously strive to improve and perfect our processes to the benefit of our customers.
  • Professionalism

    We are professionals in everything that we do.
    • We provide an environment where people can demonstrate their abilities.
    • We improve our knowledge and skills continuously and openly share our knowledge with colleagues.
    • We set and adhere to high working standards and constantly strive to create value for the company.
    • We maintain high execution discipline.
    • We strive to achieve outstanding results with efficient resources utilization.
  • Leadership

    Every day, we demonstrate leadership regardless of the position and occupation.
    • We set ambitious goals and achieve them, we support and inspire our colleagues and subordinates to achieve them as well.
    • We take initiative and encourage others to be proactive.
    • We make decisions and act independently in difficult situations and take responsibility for the decisions we make.
    • We are committed to the company values, follow them in our behavior and decisions and exhibit patterns of behaviour for our co-workers.
    • We facilitate change.
  • Team work

    We are one team; we share common goals and act for the benefit of the company as a whole.
    • We are convinced that well-coordinated team work and personal responsibility of everyone for the common result are essential for effective work.
    • We are open to cooperation, we help and support each other.
    • We take partnership attitude when we communicate, and are respectful towards other people.
    • We listen to the opinions of others and we receive their feedback openly.
    • We trust that our colleagues will meet their obligations in order to achieve the common goal.